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Self-Storage Tips

  • Plan ahead. Think about how you want to organize your stored property. When moving into a new home, the kitchen or bedroom items are usually needed first. Will you need access to these items before other items? If so, the last-in-first-out method may work best for you.
  • Remember, it’s never a good idea to share storage space. Life/death events can cause problems. The only person with legal access to a storage unit is the person who signs the rental agreement.
  • Small boxes are best for heavy books, magazines and utensils.
  • Use trash cans to store shovels, rakes, hoes, brooms, mops, etc.
  • Clean stoves, refrigerators and microwaves provide extra space for towels, linens, blankets  (Prop the door open an inch or so to help prevent mildew.)
  • Place mattresses and box springs in plastic covers.
  • Treat all wood surfaces before storage.
  • Remove legs from tables when possible.
  • Store your tabletops, mirrors, sofas and loveseats on end to conserve space.
  • Stack chairs seat-to-seat.
  • Place cloth items on wood strips, pallets, or plastic sheeting.
  • Place clothing, small electronics and/or paper products in plastic storage tubs.
  • Combustible items and chemicals are forbidden, as is food that is not permanently sealed.
  • Be willing to stack items under, around and upon other items in order to conserve space.
  • And remember — if it’s Fragile, it goes on top.